This Asuna Cosplay is Beautiful

Asuna is the main heroine and partner to Kirito in the popular hit anime Sword Art Online. She was well regarded as the sub captain of the Knights of the Blood guild, and with her trusty rapier she could handle herself in battle. Her avatar changed slightly as she traversed her way through the digital universe, but now she Is known for her look with long reddish brown hair and the white and red armor. Before, Asuna never cared if she died in the game or not, however meeting Kirito changed her outlook on life, giving her a new hope. She takes what he says to heart. asuna-cosplay-2 This cosplay by Mei Mei Chibi is lovely, she draws in any anime fan with the iconic look of Asuna executed so perfectly. Laying on what appears to be a valentine-laced bed, this Asuna Cosplay made us fall head over heels in love.  

Photography by StudioK2