This Babydoll from Suckerpunch Cosplay is Beautiful


Babydoll is the main protagonist in the popular movie Suckerpunch. She is a beautiful dancer, however life has been tearing her down. She may seem like a young and naive school girl, but despite her appearance, Babydoll is not afraid to take down the enemies that underestimate her. She quickly learned how to properly utilize her weapons, a sword and a 45 caliber, and becomes incredibly powerful.


This cosplay by Daisy Cosplay is amazing in all aspects. She even looks like the character. From the tip of her short Japanese sword to even her eyelashes, this Babydoll cosplay is beyond perfect. As a popular character, anyone who attempts to cosplay Babydoll will probably be silently judged, however this cosplay brings nothing but good thoughts. Way to go Daisy Cosplay, this one is truly epic!



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