This Bayonetta Cosplay is Too Perfect for Words

Who doesn’t look a woman who can hold her own with the resources given to her? Sure, most don’t utilize their hair in the same way Bayonetta does, but that’s what makes her so unique. Some people can’t even pull of a good hair day and Bayonetta can pull off a good hair day, and wear it as her clothes. After waking from a 500 year slumber you would think it might be harder to pull it together, but Bayonetta did it with ease. Suffering memory loss, it takes the woman some time to piece together what caused her 500 year slumber — not that anyone could blame her as she woke up in an unfamiliar setting.


By being able to wield weapons at will, Bayonetta can take down the enemies that come her way — and look good while doing it. That’s why people have taken such a liking to the character, gamers and cosplayers alike. Cosplayers have done an amazing job as Bayonetta but there’s always a select few that rise to the occasion. Danielle Vedovelli is one of the cosplayers who has done an amazing job as Bayonetta, and truly brings the character to life. No longer is she compromised of pixels or trapped within the four corners of a television screen, instead she’s real all thanks to a very talented cosplayer.

Photography by Lua Morales