This Belle Cosplay is Beautiful Beyond Compare

Belle is the main character in the Disney Princess movie Beauty and the Beast. She is smart, studious, and lovely, so much so that the town hunk Gaston has his eye on her. However, Belle is not interested at all, she longs for a life that means so much more than what she currently has.

One day her father gets lost in the woods and is captured by a hideous beast, taking his place Belle learns more about this creature. He turns out to be a cursed prince who just needs to learn how to love again. Belle shows him how and they eventually live happily ever after.

belle-cosplay-2Photography by Juha Tikkanen Photography

This cosplay by Anna-Sofia is perfectly beautiful. It has the cartoony, innocent charm of the original film that everyone fell in love with. She really looks like she is the character. Anna nailed this costume, as it is identical to the one in the movie.



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