This Black Cat Cosplay will Claw Your Heart Out

Photography by Julien Rico Photographe

No superhero seems to have had as many beautiful and strong love interests as Peter Parker. The loveable geek attracts only the most confident, cool, and self-assured women and Felicia Hardy is no exception. Felicia’s super villain persona was born from of revenge after a traumatic event took place with a male student while she was in college. Vowing to get the man who harmed her back, she adapted the skills her father mastered as a cat burglar in his own right. Using her new found set of criminal skills, she sadly lost her chance for revenge but discovered a life of crime.

black-cat-cosplay-2Photography by Stephane You Photography

Skilled in stealth and with cat-like powers such as night vision and impressive agility, Felicia donned a new villain persona fitting of her abilities: Black Cat. Roaming the streets of the city taking part in petty crime she eventually crossed paths with Spiderman and an opposites-attract love affair quickly began. Black Cat is a dangerous enemy and a powerful ally when it works in her favor. With a desire to never settle for second best and a lack of empathy towards those without the ability to fend for themselves, Black Cat was a force to be reckoned with.

black-cat-cosplay-3Photography by Maruska Photography

Wearing one of the most simplistic costumes in all of comic history, Black Cat sports a snug black body suit trimmed in white fur and a small mask over her eyes. Moving quickly and with great quickness, this outfit helps her to evade foes searching for her. With cute details like claws on her gloves and a cat collar around her neck, it was clear to anyone who did spot her instantly who she was. Cosplayer Nuna Cosplay has done an extraordinary job portraying this dark and sexy character with a perfectly crafted costume that features all the most important details. With a smirk on her lips and a twinkle in her eye, you can almost see the wheels turning as she plots her next big heist.