This Black Cat Cosplay Will Make You Purr

Felicia Hardy was always Daddy’s Little Girl. Shortly after his death, she learned his true identity as a revered cat burgalar. Adamant in following in her father’s footsteps, she started walking on the wild side of life. Unfortunately, her life took a dark turn when she was raped by her college boyfriend. Angry and humiliated, Felicia trained in acrobatics and martial arts in order to take her revenge which was cut short due to her boyfriend perishing in a drunk car accident. Felicia is now one of the most renown “cat” burglars of the Marvel universe.


Elena Samko is a purrfect vision of Black Cat. She is seen sporting Felicia’s more popular costume with the black boots and gloves with the white fur trim. Naturally, she is acrobatically posed next to an open vault with her prize in hand. Elena Samko looks stunning as Black Cat and I am thoroughly impressed by this cosplay as well as her other works.