This Blair the Cat Cosplay is Purrfectly Stunning

There aren’t many “women” who can freely transform from feline to human, but Blair from Soul Eater seems to be the exception to this rule. More often than not Blair is mistaken for a regular witch due to her ability to manipulate magic but she’s a monster cat — which is evident when she’s in cat form. In cat form there’s no denying just how adorable she is, her fur a purple color and her eyes a stunning, bold yellow and a smaller version of her witch hat even lies atop her head. However, in human form, Blair has much more sex appeal — even bragging about her ability to seduce those around her due to how attractive she is.

Of course, the monster cat is much more than her appearance as she is kind hearted, can often understand what others are going through, playful, and has no shame in showing off her body. Her personality is just as bold as her looks and Blair is unapologetically herself, her good nature often bringing others towards her.


For those reasons, and perhaps many others, cosplayers have taken to Blair — dressing up as her when given the chance. Pulling off each detail in a convincing way isn’t an easy feat though but Shadden Cosplay makes it seem like turning into Blair is easy. Soul Eater’s favorite kitten has sprung to life in a magical way thanks to Shadden Cosplay’s talent!

Photography by Randy Gee Photographee
Editing by Stahli Cosplay