This Blood Elf Cosplay is Supremely Elegant

Blood Elves were originally High Elves. After the attack that wiped out nearly their whole race, some of the elves branched off from the rest. Calling themselves Sin’Dorei, or Blood Elves, to show honor to those that had died in the Scourge. Cut off from their source of power, they learned how to draw mana from other creatures in order to survive. Making a new home after reclaiming their capital of Silvermoon, they often hunt demons for their mana.


Cosplayer Lena-Lara is absolutely stunning in her Blood Elf cosplay. A red velvet brassier and matching red skirt are beautiful. The skirt is adorned with various trinkets, creating a belly dancer vide. Gold embroidery, hip pouches, and bead work finish off the skirt. The gold embroidery is also present in the top, as well as in the patterns on her armor. Wielding both a staff and a short sword, she is deadly in more ways than one.

blood-elf-cosplay-3 blood-elf-cosplay-1

Photography by Christoph Gerlach