This Blood Elf Mage Cosplay is Pure Magic

Of all of the MMOs that have ever been made, none has been more successful or had quite the staying power of that of World of Warcraft. Even those who rarely touch a keyboard or controller in their lives have still at some point heard of this massive game phenomenon. One of the things that makes WoW so incredibly successful is its large, imaginative, fantasy world. This world offers a variety of beautiful and dangerous creatures and characters to behold. One of the more popular classes chosen in WoW is that of the mystical heroes, the blood mages. Adept wizards with tremendous ability, they are a mighty foe to cross but due to their regal heritage these elves still maintain an unmatched grace.


The female blood elf is an iconic World of Warcraft figure, constantly seen in-game as well is plastered all over promotional art for the game. No doubt due to their beauty and magnificent presence, these women have managed to dominate in popularity. After embracing a darkness in them, these talented spell casters gain control of a demonic fire magic that makes them a formidable foe. Often donned in red and gold armor, their fair skin and neon eyes give a sharp and striking contrast at first glance.


This cosplay by the inarguably talented Heather1337 manages to capture both the dark energy surrounding blood elves, as well as their stoic poise and grace. With a costume that looks straight out of the screen, Heather manages to nail the beautiful intricacy of blood elf armor. Sporting the blood elves iconic blonde hair and piercing green gaze, Heather looks right at home in her exceptionally made costume. With magic scepter in hand, ready to strike, this cosplay perfectly captures just what makes blood elves so remarkable.

Photography by David Love Photography



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Written by Guest Contributor: Kota Lee