This Borderlands Group Cosplay Would Please Even a Psycho

You’ve heard about Borderlands — gamer or not, solely based on the popularity the title has gained over the past six years. Many gamers and fans have visited Pandora numerous times, taking in all the sights, enemies, and all the other goodies that it has to offer. While the story of Borderlands is enough to draw you in there’s no denying that a lot of fans have stayed for the characters that Pandora — and 2K Games, has brought to life.


With how captivating the characters are, there’s no question as to why one might to embody one of the many beautiful ladies within Borderlands. Can you spot who all these lovely ladies are? If you’re a true fan you sure can and there’s no denying that Siryn, Wild Cat Cosplay and ATC’s Gogo Incognito have done a fantastic job as Handsome Jackie, and a handful of Sirens — and moreover they have brought them from pixel to flesh. Check out the lovely ladies on their Facebooks!


Photography by Hero Hotties