This Cinderella Cosplay May Have Lost Her Slipper, but She’s Won Our Hearts!

cinderella-cosplay-1Photography by SimpleArts

There will always be those moments in life that bring back dazzling and warm memories. Disney movies are classic stories that you either grew up watching or watched alongside a child. These beautiful stories will be around for a long time to come and are wonderful for both children and adults.

Cinderella showed children that no matter who you are and what your lies on your path, you can choose to be whatever you want. Set your heart to something, don’t be afraid to accept help from others, and work toward your goals and your dreams.


Surine’s cosplay of Cinderella is so perfect and magnificent that it sends those beautiful memories flooding back in. Her attention to detail and regal beauty display Cinderella so wonderfully. Surine shows us why cosplay is amazing; you can become the princess you grew up dreaming you were.

cinderella-cosplay-3Photography by Samietheturtle


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