This Cop Stocking Cosplay Has Criminal Sex Appeal


Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is an Anime series that is sure to grab your attention. The series focuses around sister angels that have been kicked out of heaven for their bad behavior. After being sent to Daten City, the girls must try and work their way back into heaven buy collecting Heaven Coins. To collect the coins, Panty & Stocking must defeat the evil spirits. However, these girls do not have a one track mind and sometimes find themselves more interested in men and sugar then their mission.


Not only are Panty & Stocking beautiful but they know how to dress up and throughout the series various lingerie inspired outfits are seen. One of my favorite Panty & Stocking outfit variations is the cop themed lingerie. Cosplayers Waselreins and Sushi Monster definitely bring Panty & Stocking to life. Sushi Monster who is featured as Stocking has the attitude, look, and the sex appeal to match. With her pink and violet hair, knee high stockings, and cop accessories this Stocking cosplay is sexy and fierce.To see more of Sushi Monster as Stocking follow her on Twitter.

stocking-cosplay-4 stocking-cosplay-3



Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt