This Cosplay of Adventure Time’s Marceline Exceeds Amazement

Marceline is the guitar-playing vampire from Cartoon Network’s popular series, Adventure Time.  While oftentimes vampires are seen as formidable creatures, Marceline is lovable and is one of Finn and Jake’s best friends.  Not only do Finn and Jake love her, but so do cosplayers, are we have seen a plethora of amazing Marceline cosplays over the pass few years.  However, Kawaielli’s Marceline truly takes the cake.


While Marceline’s costume itself isn’t difficult to compose, the grey-toned body paint can be a hit or miss.  Kawaielli’s bodypaint, though, blends perfectly and is more subtle, making it look natural.  The added red guitar prop makes these images iconic to Marceline, and the images of her floating are true perfection.

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Photography by Kio