This Cosplay of Ashe from League of Legends is Absolutely Stunning

Ashe is a wickedly popular champion in League of Legends.  She is known for both her high-octane damage capabilities and her support tactics that provide enhanced vision for herself along with her fellow champions, along with the ability to greatly slow down the movement speed of opposing champions.  Because of this, she can be played in both the ADC (attack damage carry) role and the support role.  Ashe is a brilliant champion that is both powerful and extremely fun to play.


Cosplayer Anissa Baddour cosplays Ashe’s classic skin in stunning fashion.  Sporting Ashe’s hooded black and gold ensemble and long platinum blonde hair, Anissa makes a perfect Ashe.  She also holsters a blue bow, just like Ashe herself, which is perfectly crafted.  Anissa’s whole cosplay is wonderfully detailed, making this an Ashe cosplay that is truly memorable.  Be sure to see more of Anissa’s incredible cosplay work by visiting her Facebook page.



Photography by Jorg Hellwig Photography