This Cosplay of Black Cat is Absolutely Purrfect!

black-cat-cosplay-1Photography by Mateo Sciarra

There’s nothing like a woman capable of holding her own, and Felicia Hardy – or better known as Black Cat, is one of those women. Growing up, Felicia and her father were close, her father posing as door to door salesman but instead being quite the popular cat burglar. The man encouraged his daughter to never settle for second best, and when she went through a traumatic event in college Felicia took it upon herself to learn a handful of fighting styles, acrobatics, and took on her father’s lifestyle – finally adopting the name Black Cat.

black-cat-cosplay-2Photography by Giacomo F

Having such admirable traits – fictional character or not, will entice one to want to become Felicia Hardy. Good thing cosplaying has enabled numerous cosplayers to accomplish such a feat, embodying Black Cat and all her fierceness at will. While others have done a good job, Miss ToxicHime has done quite the brilliant job with her Black Cat cosplay. Not only does one feel as if Felicia Hardy exists in the real world – her execution of Felicia Hardy unlike any other, but the poses in each picture taken capturing the essence of Black Cat.

black-cat-cosplay-3Photography by Fotomania