This Cosplay of Felicia from Darkstalkers is Feisty and Sexy


Felicia has become not only a cosplay icon, but a sexy symbol for all nerds. Her cat-like appearance is cute and feisty as she battles her enemies in the Capcom classic, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors. First making her grand entrance in 1994, she has since made appearances in other Capcom games even outside of the Darkstalkers series, and related merchandise.

She is curvacious and cute “bakeneko” or changed, transforming cat. She has cat ears, pointed teeth, a tail, and oversized paws that she frequently uses in battle. Her long blue hair matches her bright blue eyes. However, her look is completed with a skimpy and sexy “outfit” made out of thin strips of white fur. Technique-wise her fighting style is comparable to that of Chun-Li from Street Fighter. She is nible and quick when she is taking down her enemies.


This cosplay is quite popular because of the sexy appeal Felicia brings to the table. However, very few cosplayers can pull off the scantily clad kitty cat, one of whom is the cosplay genius of Yaya Han. But Zettai-Cosplay rocks this look in a way that makes the viewer believe she really is the character. From her mane to her big pink paws, this cosplay is just perfection.



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