This Cosplay of Sinon from Sword Art Online II Hits the Target

As a new Sword Art Online fan myself, I’m always glad to see SAO characters cross my dash. In my case – I have not met Sinon yet and got to learn a little about her! Sinon is a very skilled VRMMO player who logs into both <Gun Gale Online> and <ALfheim Online>. In GGO she carries a very rare .50 caliber rifle earned through a victory in a very difficult boss battle. She uses the VRMMO worlds to overcome fears and traumas that she previously experienced in her real life: loss, bullying, and violence.


YukiGodBless does a fantastic job with Sinon’s uniform. The outfit features a lot of very detail oriented line-work that is done beautifully for her real-world version. Her color blocking and edges are clean and straight, making her look line drawn in real life! She chose a brighter green than featured in the anime – and I think it totally works; it appears way more vibrant – it really pops against the black and white of the rest of the uniform. Her sniper rifle prop is fantastic, as is her styling on the rest of her accessories. I look forward to meeting this character as I watch SAO – and I have YukiGodBless to thank for the new interest!




Written by Guest Contributor: ShatteredStitch