This Cosplay of X-Men’s Pixie is Perfection

X-Men is one of the most popular franchises in the Marvel Comics line, comprised of a badass assortment of supermutants attempting to fight the forces of evil.  Each member of the X-Men has a special ability that makes them unique and a useful addition to the team.  While she is one of the lesser-known Mutants, Pixie is surely one of them.


Pixie is one of the most adorable X-Men, that’s for sure.  She sports large, faerie-like eyes, transparent wings, and pink hair.  Her powers allow her to spew out pixie dust that causes hallucinations to her foes, showing that even though she has a cutesy demeanor, she is also quite formidable.


This cosplay by one of our favorite cosplayers, Rei Doll, is absolutely amazing.  She sports Pixie’s signature pink hair, black and yellow ensemble, and large dark eyes perfectly.  With incredible photography work by Kifir, Rei Doll’s cosplay images look majestic and filled with lovely pixie dust.  Be sure to check out more of Rei Doll’s work by visiting her cosplay group’s Facebook page!