This Cute Companion Cube Cosplay will be Your Trusted Friend in Science

Gamers know and love the quirky puzzle game, Portal. Released in 2007 as part of The Orange Box bundle, everyone played the addictive game and became a fan. There are only a few main characters in Portal: Chell, GLaDOS, Wheatley, and your handy Companion Cube.


Your introduction to the Companion Cube is by GLaDOS talking about the fidelity and importance of the cube. In Portal fashion, you then have to “euthanize” your only friend in the Aperture Laboratories by throwing the poor thing into an incinerator. The fandom for Portal is vast and full of creative people that have created Companion Cube plushies, car dice, decals, and more. It’s only natural that we have seen some people personify the handy Companion Cubes into some epic cosplays!


Russian cosplayer, Joye Keehl, is one of those epic cosplayers. She brings us her own version of the Companion Cube. Even without the fashionable Companion Cube hat, it is easy to see that she is bringing the Companion Cube to life. With her silver paint, pink hair, and pink hearts on her eyes, Joye is one of the cutest Companion Cube girls out there!




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