This Diablo III Cosplay is Barbarically Good!


Blood covered and epically badass! This Barbarian cosplay from Diablo III by Mika Nicole is bloody good! Diablo is a series of role-playing fantasy games from Blizzard Entertainment. Pick your character and class to work through a series of fantastic quests and dazzling environments.


The Barbarian is a class in Diablo III that focuses on brute physical strength. Their beautiful blood covered armor and fantastic weapons make them a powerful melee class and strong companion to any group. High stamina and a series of brutal and savage skills make for a thrilling game night!


Making armor is a timely process that requires plenty of practice, patience, and dedication. Mika Nicole has obviously put all this and more into her amazing barbarian cosplay. Together with some amazing photography skills, Mika Nicole has given us a truly splendid cosplay.


Photography by No Robots