This Dragon Ball Z Cosplay “Launches” Itself to the Top!


Launch is a strange woman in the anime Dragon Ball Z. Every time she sneezes she tends to change personalities. The first being a sweet-natured, blue-haired woman, and the other is a spicy and crazy blonde who will commit crimes without a second thought. Neither of Launch’s personalities know of each other, nor remember anything said or done by the other. Everyone loves the good side of Launch, but who could deny the fact that everyone loves a good villain!


This cosplay is showing the bad side of Launch: the aggressive, trigger-happy blonde who will do anything for money. This cosplay by Tarah-Rex is strong and sexy. It shows off that evil side of such a beloved character in a perfect way. She is edgy and crazy but not completely out there. Tarah-Rex did a great job on this cosplay, making it of course, totally and completely epic!



Photography by Shaylene Hebert