This Elektra Cosplay is Completely Captivating

Elektra Natchios is a woman who is more than capable of holding her own, being able to take down enemies with her fighting skill. This was an ability she acquired through hard work a dedication, gaining recognition as a kunoichi — or female ninja assassin for those who aren’t hip with the lingo. Most might know her as the love interest of Daredevil but Elektra’s violent nature and mercenary lifestyle often separates the two. Regardless of how you know her, there’s no denying that the woman is capable of taking care of herself — her ability to wield her twin sai with ease.


Many girls growing up — or full grown women, looked up to Elektra, wanting to become such a strong and powerful. The best way to do that — or one of the best ways rather, is to embody her not only in personality but looks too. Cosplayers have taken to doing so for some time now and there are always people who deserve higher praise than others. Through the numerous Elektra cosplays, Shermie Cosplay has done one of the best jobs with Elektra. Whereas some of brought Elektra from comic book to reality, Shermie Cosplay has truly brought Elektra to life.