This Epic Poison Cosplay Packs a Punch

Poison is a hard hitting character that first appeared as an antagonist in Final Fight. A member of Mad Gear Gang, her involvement in the events of Final Fight are not exactly clear. Appearing again in Ultra Street Fighter IV, she was so disgusted by the lackluster performances put on by her employees that she entered the ring herself and beat them. Traveling to another tournament, she ends up convincing Hugo to let her be his manager, thus setting off on a plan to find him a tag team partner as well as start their own wrestling organization.


Juby Headshot becomes the seductive Poison in this epic cosplay. In extremely short daisy duke shorts and a white cropped top, her curves are just as powerful a weapon as her fists. A chain wrapped around her waist with a pair of handcuffs hanging off it, a studded collar around her neck, and a peak cap adorned with a chain finish off the outfit perfectly. Wielding a riding crop, she is ready to fight anyone who stands in her way.

poison-cosplay-2 poison-cosplay-3

Photography by Oriol Lamiel Photography