This Gijinka Totodile Cosplay Makes Quite the Splash


The three starter Pokemon have always been fan favorites, special bonds you form with this Pokemon from the beginning of your adventure is unmatched by any other. Everybody has their preferred starter type; whether that be water, fire, or grass. Those that always choose water type have enjoyed powerhouse Pokemon such as; Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott, and Froakie.

totodile-cosplay-3Photo by M9 Cosplay

Totodile was the adorable little alligator like water starter in Pokemon Gold and Silver, as well as in Crystal, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver. Totodile has a slightly fiery disposition with its PokeDex entry reading; “Its well-developed jaws are powerful and capable of crushing anything. Even its trainer must be careful.”

totodile-cosplay-4Photo by Mikey Mongol Photography

This Gijinka Totodile cosplay by ByndoGehk perfectly encompasses the little Pokemon. What she describes as “Water Park Friendly” makes the perfect splashy costume. The color scheme matches impeccably with bright shades of red, blue, and yellow. Other accents to the costume like the fangs, yellow glasses, and flawless wig only add to the gijinka feel of this totally epic cosplay.




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