This Girl Rocks! A Toph Cosplay!

Photography by Timofei Khangin

The Earth Kingdom has its share of talented Earthbenders, but the upstanding Bei Fong family of Gaoling keep something pretty amazing hidden behind the walls of their home: little Toph. Blind, rambunctious, and overflowing with attitude, Toph’s ability to connect with her senses have allowed her to master her powers. She’s a fearsome foe when it comes to bending, which serves her and the Avatar entourage very well.

Photography by Povolotskiy A

There’s no denying a real life character when you see ’em. TophWei takes the cake with her array of Toph costumes, each one being simply amazing! She rocks the classic green and yellow, stuns in her Fire Nation ensemble, and stands proud in the Chief Bei Fong uniform. That is some killer dedication. The icing ontop is the incredibly full and iconic Toph hairdo and the pale eyes. It seems the rest comes naturally, as Toph’s character exudes from TophWei with uncanny brilliance!

Photography by Pro Cosplay Photography

She’s got a treasure chest full of Avatar goodies, including photoshoots with her cosplay group, The Fire Ferrets. You can see it all at TophWei’s DeviantArt!




Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz