This Gorgeous Dark Supergirl Cosplay is Truly Original

“Dark” Supergirl (also known as Kara Zor-El II) is the product of Lex Luthor exposing Supergirl to the Black Kryptonite ray. However, instead of merely corrupting her as planned, Dark Supergirl was born, an entity independent from Supergirl and entirely corrupt. Her similarities to Supergirl even overlap with their memory issues. Supergirl’s own memories were corrupted due to repeated Kryptonite poisioning, and thus Dark Supergirl suffered the same malady. Cosplayer HiniTsubaragi has created a unique version of Dark Supergirl, this original design of this costume is Supergirl’s but she took a creative twist and made it into an outfit suited for Supergirl’s villainous counterpart. HiniTsubaragi’s creativity and beautiful craftsmanship of this cosplay is a darkly gorgeous wonder.

dark-supergirl-cosplay-2 dark-supergirl-cosplay-1


Photography by A. Solana Photography