This Hades Cosplay is on Fire

Hades is the Greek God of the Underwolrd. He has two brothers; Zues, God of the Skies, and Poseidon, God of the Seas. In the 1997 Disney classic, Hades is portrayed as a hot headed, jealous younger brother to Zues who is tired of the depressing gloom of the dead and desires to rule over the Mount Olympus throne.  He is eventually foiled by his own nephew, Hercules, who saves Mount Olympus and his parents as well as sends Hades back into his endless pit of lost souls.

Hope Cosplay is the hottest Hades around! I adore her Grecian styled garb that accurately resembles what Hades wore in the cartoon classic. She pairs the dress with a dark lip color, electric blue wig, and enhances some of her photos with her fiery powers. This Hades cosplay truly is a work of art that will be passed down through the ages! Be sure to check out her other work!



Photography by Snowgrimm and Miclast