This Halo Harry Potter Mash-Up Is Incredible

Any avid Halo player can tell you that Grifball is one of Halo’s most popular community-based game modes to play, any of the fans who also enjoy the Harry Potter franchise would know that the mode play a lot similar to Quidditch.

The object of the game is two teams try to move a rugby ball-like bomb into the opponent’s goal. While everyone in each match is equipped with unlimited access to Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords, so success is rare most times. While the object of Quidditch, is similar in concept, however, instead the players are flying through the sky while trying to put the ball through one of the arena’s large hoops. There is a video that depicts as to what would it would be like to have Grifball and Quidditch mashed up together.

If this seems like something you are interested in participating in, head online and download user XxHugabearXx’s map variant and game variant from Halo Waypoint.







Written By Guest Contributor Taylor Lyles