This Hestia Cosplay is Goddess-ly Beautiful!

Most are familiar with the goddess Hestia, known to reign over hearth, home, architecture, domesticity, family, and the state. While other gods and goddesses decided to take on multiple suitors — some making multiple children, Hestia refrained, earning her the recognition as one of the Big 3 virgin goddesses. Of course, she’s much more than her abstinent nature — having quite the prominent role in the anime Danmachi. Not only is she energetic and kind, Hestia is also a hard worker and acknowledges the children of the lower world.


She’s cute to boot, donning pigtails, a form fitting white and blue outfit, and has an innocence to her that draws you in. Whether it be her personality — or nickname Loli Big Boobs, there’s something about Hestia that many fans have taken a liking to. Cosplayers have dressed up as the girl multiple times and Murlovely has done an absolutely precious job as Hestia. The details of what makes Hestia, Hestia are there — like the white and blue outfit she most commonly wears, and it’s obvious that time and attention went into each of the details in this cosplay. For that, we’ve decided to showcase Murlovely and give her credit where it’s deserved.


Photography by Iceking Photography