This is One Beautiful Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay


One of the most popular and widely known animes of all time, One Piece, is known for its slew of zany and eclectic characters. The show’s protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, is a boy whose body has the properties of rubber, a strange ability given to him by eating a peculiar ‘devil-fruit.’ A fun anime at its core, One Piece is colorful, bright, and energetic, which has helped it gain massive popularity with fans of all ages.

An unlikely adventurer, Monkey sets out to find the legendary treasure known as One Piece in order to become the new King of the Pirates as he has always aspired to be. Along Monkey’s journey he meets some exceptional people and sees amazing things. The show is extremely well known and has inspired tremendous cosplays.


Monkey is a simple boy who comes from nothing and dreams of riches. He wears simple seafaring garb, and, of course, his iconic straw hat. A talented cosplayer named Haruhiism caught our eye with her simple, but beautiful Monkey cosplay. With a feminine take on the outfit, she adds a certain sweetness to the character. Swapping out sandals for wedges and wearing long beautiful hair she brings to life a fem-Monkey version with ease. Making sure to feature Monkey’s iconic scar and rounded straw hat, it’s instantly clear to anyone who’s seen the character exactly who Haruhiism is dressed as. An avid anime fan herself, Haruhiism helps bring Monkey to life and has fun doing it.

 Photography by David Vuong




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Written by Guest Contributor: Kota Lee