This is One Dark Elf Cosplay You Do Not Want to Rumble With


Of the races available to play in Lineage II, one of these is the Dark Elf. They were once part of the Elven tribe, but once they learned black magic they were banished. With blue-gray skin and silver hair being the only notable features separating them from the other elves, they have continued to study black magic even though they did not win against the humans as intended. With a high attack capability and excelling in magic, the Dark Elf is a strong contender when creating a character.


Dani Foca has brought to life a female dark elf adorned with the Draconic Leather Armor set. The craftsmanship is awe inspiring. With a high attention to detail, the armor is well executed. It contains the small connecting pieces, the various adornments meant to give it style while still functioning as armor. The necklace is spot on with the gems being an amber color and stopping at her chest. With the paint job being flawless to make it look aged and worn, Dani Foca has done an amazing job in creating this costume. Photographer Hainecch has accented this wonderfully, highlighting her blueish skin and the beauty of the armor, while making her appear tough. The background is perfect as it contrasts yet compliments her armor and the fog around her gives her that mysterious quality so seemingly inherent with dark elves.




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