This is One Sexy Ryuko Matoi Cosplay

Photography by Eleventh Photograph

Ryuko is the main female protagonist from the extremely popular anime titled Kill La Kill. She is a seventeen year old firecracker who just wishes to avenge her fathers death by finding the other half to her infamous red scissor blade. Fierce and stubborn, she demands answers and refuses to take anything less. She will find her father’s killer no matter what stands in her way. She eventually dawns a powerful sailor outfit called Senketsu which gives her immense power.

ryuko-cosplay-2Photography by John Jiao Photography

To cosplay Senketsu, one must not only execute the outfit perfectly but must have oodles of confidence in order to properly pull it off. Quantum Destiny possesses all that and much more. She appears to have been the character herself in full battle garb. Quantum Destiny looks incredible, as if she jumped off the screen and on the convention floor. Cosplays really blowsour minds sometimes, and this is one of those times.

ryuko-cosplay-3Photography by Zandragon Photography