This Janna Cosplay Blew Us Away

Photography by Taichia Photo

Janna is a powerful sorceress in the game League of Legends. She gave herself over to the powers of nature and accepted her powers of wind, and forgoing the learned skill of magic. She grew up an orphan on the hard and rough streets of Zaun, however, relying on her powers, she made it through. In a matter of months Janna had mastered the power of air and surpassed all of her teachers. She took on an other worldly appearance. She joined the League of Legends seeking to right what was wrong in the world, and especially in her hometown of Zaun.


This cosplay by Hekady is stunning. The cosplay itself, as well as the execution of the cosplay is nearly flawless. She appears to be Janna herself about to take on a group of enemies. Perfectly constructed and worn, this cosplay takes our breaths away!

janna-cosplay-3Photography by Theax95