This Janna Cosplay Will Leave you Breathless


Janna was on the streets when she realized she had an affinity for the elemental magic of air. Completing her studies in a relatively short amount of time, not only had she mastered air magic, but her being seemed to transcend above normal beauty into something ethereal. Seeking to help calm the chaos she witnessed in Zaun she made her way to the League of Legends, becoming a strong voice for the regulation of experimentation when pertaining to magic. But like the wind she can go from a gentle breeze to howling gale in a matter of moments, making her an unpredictable foe.

Cosplayer Denka captures Janna’s otherworldly appearance perfectly. With porcelain skin and her skirt tails billowing behind her, she is the very essence of the wear. Donning Janna’s original skin, she is clad in the white and gold two piece with matching boots and gloves. A blue crystal headband holds back her delicate blonde hair. She wields a matching blue rod perfectly designed and stunning to behold.

 Photography by vaxzone



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