This Jasmine Cosplay Takes Us to a Whole New World

jasmine-cosplay-1Photography by Sweet Sensation

Jasmine is the sassy and sexy Arabian princess in the popular Disney movie Aladdin. She is seen mostly as the rebellious girl who refuses to marry someone for anything other than love, especially someone like Jafaar. Sneaking out of the castle, she runs into a street rat with whom she instantly feels a connection. Aladdin feels the same way about her and wishes to win her hand in marriage, with the help of his friend Genie of course. In the end true love conquers all, even a magic bad guy who turned into a genie and then into a giant cobra.

jasmine-cosplay-2Photography by Darkain Multimedia

Jasmine still stands today as one of the most popular princesses, due to her spunky attitude, amazing hair, and perfect storyline. This cosplay by Stella Chuu is pure magic! It looks like a real life version of this classic cartoon princess, making everyone who saw the movie fall in love with this cosplay.



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