This Katarina Cosplay is an Ace

katarina-cosplay-1Photography by William Tans

Katarina is a very popular champion in the online game League of Legends. She is known as the Sinister Blade, because she always carries around her trusty swords. She has been fighting ever since her childhood, and she obviously presented a great skill at it. She was rigorously trained by the best assassin in her hometown and grew up with great strength and a killer instinct.

This instinct can sometimes, however, lead her astray. She once was driven by passion alone to kill an officer. Her duty went out the window, and in the end she was burned by it. She now bears a scar over her eye, reminding her to keep to herself and to never let emotions interfere with her duty.

katarina-cosplay-2Photography by Michael Chen

This cosplay by MaruWins is lovely. Katarina is sexy and deadly, this cosplay completely captures that. Her makeup, hair, and outfit screams Katarina to anyone who happens to look at it. She is strong and beautiful, creating a real life version of everyone’s favorite deadly assassin.




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