This Katarina Cosplay is Armed and Ready to Assassinate!

Striving for pride and glory for herself and her upper-echelon family, Katarina is a vicious, deadly assassin with a thirst for blood. Katarina grew up having a world of options open to her. She held great prominence and could have chosen any career path that she wanted. Yet she followed in the footsteps of her elite assassin father and began a life of violence and murder. Following the motto of “violence solves everything”, Katarina is not someone who you want to cross. Stealthy and brutal, once she has her eye on you, you can rest assure that she will take you and place you in complete agony.


Katarina wields incredible power. Throwing her daggers from enemy to enemy, she is able to induce insane amounts of melee and magic damage.  With her extensive combat knowledge, and the bonus of her appealing physicality, it is obvious that Katarina would be a top-contending choice of Champions to choose from while playing the forever addicting League of Legends.  DeviantArt user Spicy-Seasoning‘s depiction of Katarina is absolutely spot-on, with detailed garments and a realistic-looking scar.  This cosplay is perfectly put together, and is likely one of the best Katarina cosplays that we will ever see.

Photography by Silenceral.

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