This Kitana Cosplay is a Royal Storm

Kitana may appear to be a young beauty by human standards, but she is actually over 10,000 years old. The princess of Edenia, Kitana was the loyal step daughter of Shao Khan, naive to his villainous tyranny. However, she was one of the strongest fighters against him when she realized the reality of his rule, freeing Edenia from his oppression. Kitana has been a fan favorite since she was first introduced in Mortal Kombat II in 1993, being the subject of many costume changes during that time.


With the latest game in the Mortal Kombat franchise, MKX, Kitana has once again received a new outfit. Cynthia Cos crafts an amazing cosplay of her new look with her perfect costume. Still in luxurious blue, Kitana now features more armor. Gold armor pieces adorn her chest and neck, while silver armor covers her shoulder and shins. Hair pulled back in a braid and bun, a golden crest on her forehead and her lower face covered, really make Kitana come alive. Wielding her dual steel fans, Cynthia Cos is ready to kick ass with her fatalities. This cosplay is just amazing!

kitana-cosplay-1 kitana-cosplay-3

Photography by Tomas Alvarado