This Kitty Cat Katarina Cosplay is on the Prowl


Katarina is renowned in the League of Legends for her stealthy assassination skills and good looks. Known as one of the best warriors Noxus has to offer, she fights relentlessly on the Fields of Justice. With the ability to blink around the map and super speed knife throwing, she is a hard enemy to encounter. Her ultimate ability can clean up anyone wounded on the field and with a handy dandy escape she is hard to lock down.


As with all League of Legends champions, Katarina has many skins available to her. Cosplayer Envyious has chosen to take on Kitty Cat Katarina. With a white fur top and matching bottoms, she is an adorable kitty. White ears are on her head and she has a long white tail. Don’t let looks fool you though, this Kat is just as deadly as ever. With matching swords and knives around her legs, she has a large arsenal to take down any competition. Shinigami Photography does a marvelous job of capturing that deadly look in her eyes, even her scarred one, as well as the disarming appearance she puts forth.





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