This Leeloo Cosplay Fell from the Sky Straight into our Hearts


Being genetically superior to humans, having strength much greater than what would be expected of the average human, Leeloo is a perfect specimen of health and fitness. She is described as the fifth element because she has the power and ability to unite the four elemental stones to from what is called the divine light. Saving earth from the great evil.

We’ve seen many Leeloo’s over the year, being a favorite amongst quite a few of cosplayers and fans alike. Always first noticing the signature bright orange hair.


This time Leeloo has been brought to life by Kerry Cosplays. This adorable Cosplayer has brought us right into the world of Leeloo. She has captured the details from the signature hair down to the pass. Kerry is a very fun and talented cosplayer so be sure to check her out on Facebook!



Written by Guest Contributor: Jessica Jane
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