This Leeloo Cosplay Has the Right Elements


The Fifth Element is a French science fiction adventure set in the English language. Since its debut in 1997 it has just blossomed in popularity. Leeloo was the most iconic; with that lovely orange hair, she stole the heart of the audience and of course cosplayers alike.


In the movie, Leeloominai Lekatariba Lamina-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat, or Leeloo for short, is one of the supreme beings of the universe. She was sent to Earth in order to become the Fifth Element. She is needed on Earth, to become a strong and powerful weapon, the only one that is capable of destroying the Great Evil.


This cosplay by Lucie Monroe is perfect.  She has every element of this awesome and iconic character, even including her amazing, orange hair. She even has all the different outfits Leeloo has been seen in in the movie. She embodies the character fantastically, making this cosplay super epic!