This Leeloo Dallas Cosplay is Action-Packed!


Many might remember a 90s hit called The Fifth Element, where Corbin Dallas – played by the famous Bruce Willis, came in contact with quite the interesting woman. Her English might have been broken, but she was valuable beyond measure. Unknowingly getting himself into quite the adventure, Corbin takes Leeloo Dallas – taking his name for protective reasons, under his wing and they both learn from each other. Though she might seem incapable of handling herself at first, Leeloo soon proves to be quite handy.

Not only is Leeloo beautiful, but she’s an advanced being who knows how to pack a punch – or multiple, in order to conquer her enemies. In addition, she completes her purpose, despite having adversities try and stop her along the way. With the ability to speak a foreign language, and unlock secrets others spent their life to discover, it’s no wonder one might want to take on all that Leeloo Dallas encompasses.


Amongst the ranks of cosplayers who don the bright orange hair is Evey Dantes, a woman who is rather talented herself. Some take Leeloo’s look and copy it verbatim, but there is something about Evey’s take on Leeloo that truly brings her to life. The fine details have been executed perfectly and with something so well done it’s hard not to tip our hats to a wonderful cosplay.

 Photography by What A Big Camera




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