This Mad Moxxi Cosplay Will Drive You Mad With Love

Dangerous, sadistic, and lustful — just a few of the adjectives that capture who Mad Moxxi is. Hostess of the Colosseum matches in The Underdome and bar owner, the woman is no stranger to climbing her way to the top. She’s kind of a big deal, and she won’t hesitate to remind you just how big of a deal she is, considering modesty is not her forte. Mad Moxxi has been in and out of several marriages and has lovers a-plenty — probably due to how eloquently she carries herself, not that being seductive doesn’t help her cause either. While the way to this woman’s heart might be through violence and combat, she’s actually quite friendly and compassionate.

mad-moxxi-cosplay-2 mad-moxxi-cosplay-3

Despite her violent nature — being quite skilled in combat herself, there’s no denying that Mad Moxxi has features and traits one might want for themselves. She’s confident in who she is, protects those she cares for, and knows how to get what she wants. Mad Moxxi can definitely be seen as a role model, even if she’s not the traditional one. People have taken a liking to her and thanks to cosplay, it’s easy to embody the woman. Seeing as Mad Moxxi is such a hit, numerous cosplayers have taken a liking to becoming the woman but not all have done as outstanding of a job as Dayna Baby Lou. From the hints of paint on her body to the outfit herself, this cosplay is just stunning!


Photography by Addy Davies