This Monster Hunter Cosplay is Ultimately Sexy

The Monster Hunter video game franchise dates back to the PlayStation 2. Capcom seemed to know what they were doing when they put the series together and it gained popularity in multiple regions. As one might gather from the title, Monster Hunter pits players against various monsters in which they have to either kill or take captive. Monster Hunter is immensely popular in Japan. There is even han anime based on the game. Monster Hunter also has a loyal following in the United States. Not that anyone would be surprised, as being able to take down monsters happens to be a lot of fun.


Of course, Monster Hunter has more to offer than just killing monsters. There’s also various types of armor gamers can take to in order to protect themselves against enemy attacks. Kirin Armor, which can be Blade or Gunnar, is something of real beauty. The armor allows for great defense and allows one to look good while fighting against their foe — an added bonus some might say. Though, there’s nothing quite as stunning as someone giving that armor a little extra oomph, and cosplayers are doing just that.


Misa TW Cosplayer, in particular, has done a fantastic job with mastering the finer details of the armor. Many might be accustomed to seeing Kirin Armor as pixels, but Misa TW Cosplayer has truly brought it to life — making those hints of red and black look breathtaking against the overall white scheme. While there’s no doubt that this cosplay is absolutely fierce, there are also hints of adorableness scattered across the cosplayer’s face. Nothing like being able to provoke numerous emotions in just one picture and Misa TW Cosplayer does just that!