This Neon Strike Vi Cosplay Shines Brighter Than the Others!

vi-cosplay-10Photo by Martin Wong

League of Legends has and is continuing to make a legendary impact on the cosplay community. Each year more and more cosplayers are putting together over the top costumes that represent their love for their favorite League of Legends characters. I am truly astonished by the cosplay community and their abilities to create larger than life costumes and weapons. Not only are cosplayers developing the original champion designs but they are also cosplaying fun variations of the champions.

Although it is hard for me to pick my favorite champion, it seems that cosplayer Jynx of Jynx Art and Cosplay has definitely chosen hers. Jynx’s version of Neon Strike Vi is top notch. She has truly captured the attitude, look, and signature pose of Neon Strike Vi. Her blue hair, pink glasses, and oversized gauntlets are mesmerizing. Her eyebrow game is off the charts. I would seriously rate this cosplay as one of the best that I have ever seen.

vi-cosplay-11Photo by David Ngo

Every single photograph of this cosplay is captivating. The neon bright colors look so amazing in photos. The craftsmanship of this costume is over the top, every single detail is included on the oversized gauntlets and must have taken hours upon hours to get to look perfectly weathered.

To learn more about Jynx and to view more larger than life photos of her truly Legendary Neon Strike Vi follow her on Facebook and check out her website which features amazing art created by her as well.

vi-cosplay-12Photo by Undiscovered Photography



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Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt