This Nurse Akali Cosplay is Nothing Short of Stunning

Whether you’re a gamer or not, chances are that you’ve heard of League of Legends. How could you not? The MOBA has gained a lot of popularity since 2009, many quickly falling in love with the title. The set up is something that reels people in and when that’s paired with Champions people can fall in love with — all unique in their own right. That’s why it’s not only the gaming masses that have taking a liking to the title, but cosplayers too. With the amount of lore around the title and character backgrounds, it’s no surprise that a cosplayer might want to become one of the Champions within the title.


Each Champion has their own popularity, but some have decided to embody Akali. Akali is one of the Shadow Warriors — a group dedicated to keeping the balance between order, chaos, light and darkness. Though, she’s specifically been trusted with Pruning the Tree — which means getting rid of those who threaten to have the balance shift. Training with her mother at a young age, Akali gained martial art skills in no time — making her quite versed in kicking ass.


But, as it is with most Champions, Akali has numerous outfits — one of them being a nurse outfit. While most are used to nurses tending to their wounds, Nurse Akali will be giving them to you. While cosplayers have donned the nurse outfit of Akali’s before, only a few have done a particularly good job with it. Rinnie Riot, however, has pulled Nurse Akali off seamlessly. Nurse Akali has truly come to life right in front of our eyes, giving this cosplay an edge over others.