This Panty Cosplay is One Pretty Angel


Panty and Stocking is one of the raunchiest and funniest animated series out there. With lead characters like these crazy angels, what’s not to love? Panty and Stocking were kicked out of heaven due to their bad behavior and are on a mission to destroy ghosts and earn their way back to heaven.


Panty is the stereotypical celebrity blonde with a voracious appetite for sex and anything remotely related to it. She’s a hot headed, abrasive nymphomaniac with panties that turn into a pistol. Her awesome wardrobe, killer looks, and quirky personality make it easy for fans to fall in love with this fallen angel.


Meet the adorable Mika Nicole from Texas. She is a perfect blend of cute and mischievous as Panty. She makes an epic costume by remembering everything from Panty’s multiple rings to the small wings on her shoes to nail this cosplay down to the last detail. Check out her social pages for more amazing cosplay work as comic book favorites Jean Grey and Harley Quinn, video game ladies Chun Li and Cassandra, and more!





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Written by Guest Contributor: CaydenVierra