This Princess Jasmine Cosplay is Ethereally Beautiful

Cosplayer Rei-Doll is beyond amazing. Her talent seems to have no limits and it’s thrilling to see the variety of looks she can create. One glance at her version of Princess Jasmine, and my jaw dropped in admiration and wonder.

If you don’t know who Princess Jasmine is…you might be a robot. Or an alien. Jasmine is a Disney princess from the movie Aladdin, it’s follow ups, and the animated TV series. Due to the rules of her country, and her royal father’s overprotectiveness, Jasmine is forbidden to leave the palace. Though she’s sheltered, she’s by no means a wallflower.


Princess Jasmine is a complex and layered character. She’s incredibly independent and strong in many ways. She’s feisty, fun, craves adventure, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, no matter who she’s up against. She never hesitates to stand up for what’s right, and when it comes to courtship, she’s “not a prize to be won.” Unlike stereotypical princesses, she’s an active ruler alongside her father the Sultan, and isn’t content to sit on the sidelines.


Rei-Doll does an absolutely perfect cosplay of Jasmine. Contrast this with her Queen Elsa and you can see how expert application of eye makeup and subtle shading can transform a face and completely change a look. Rei-Doll looks exotic, beautiful, strong, and ever inch the Princess Jasmine who has delighted Disney lovers for years. What blows me away the most is that wig. It’s perfect. And huge. This cosplay looks deceptively simple, but you know that serious skill went into the tailoring of the clothes and the sculpting of that wig.

Photography by Kifir