This Rapunzel Cosplay is Truly Gorgeous

Disney’s take on the Rapunzel fairytale gave us a lovely new princess heroine who’s beautiful, brave (except for one moment of completely reasonable anxiety), and a whole lot of fun. Along with possession incredible, magic hair, she’s also plucky and an adorable badass with a frying pan. The movie, Tangled, is sweet without being cloying, and the two leads – Rapunzel and Flynn Rider – are wonderfully charming, yet imperfect as to allow the audience to actually relate to them. Though this tale still has the male hero coming to the rescue of the princess, Rapunzel isn’t without agency, and it’s a fresher take on the Disney formula.


Kiara Berry, in turn, did a fresh take on a Rapunzel cosplay, choosing to wear the short, choppy, brown hair that Rapunzel sports in the denouement of the film in lieu of her signature long, long, long blond locks. Kiara explains on her Deviantart page that she was extremely thrilled that kids recognized her and interacted with her in character. She actually brought the frying pan with her to a con. Now that’s dedication to your craft! Kiara makes for a gorgeous Rapunzel. She has these big, lovely eyes that are made to look even larger with expert makeup and lash application. The sponsored costume is really nice, and Kiara totally has the look to bring it all together.

Photography by Dizzy