This League of Legends Riven Cosplay is Sexy and Strong

Check out this amazing League of Legends Riven Cosplay!

Riven is a champion in the super popular video game titled League of Legends. Riven is a soldier, one who showed early potential at a young age. She wielded a long sword when it was taller than her. She always showed more promise than her peers in the ways of ruthlessness and efficiency, also she always had the most passion. The Battle Bunny skin is one a player can purchase to make their champion more personalized. Battle Bunny Riven in particular is a very popular skin, it is sexy and edgy.

League of Legends Battle Bunny Riven Cosplay by Efwen Cosplay


This cosplay by Efwen Cosplay is the perfect representation of a popular champion in a beautiful outfit. She looks like she is ready for battle in the League of Legends without losing any of her beauty. This cosplay is well crafted and well executed, especially for one so difficult. Bunny suits and swords are not the easiest to create, yet Efwen Cosplay does it with ease.


 Photography by Adele Bruno